Our Vision


From time to time every community has to take stock and decide the shape of its future life. It can be both an exhilarating and a disturbing process! As a church we did this over a period of two years, seeking to discover not just where we wanted the church to be in five years time, but where we believe God wants us to be. It was a process that involved consultation, discussion and blue-sky thinking. We were challenged by scripture and inspired by the example of other Christian communities. There was prayer, laughter and plenty of flip charts.

It was sometime ago now, but the vision holds firm and has guided us over the last few years, and has particularly shaped the vision for re:new. In summary we want to be a church:

  • where people feel increasingly supported as Christians in every area of their lives;
  • which is seen as relevant and credible by the community it serves; and
  • which is growing in both faith and numbers.

In summary, a community of believers who have been given A HEART FOR GOD and who are LIVING WITH PURPOSE